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A few simple rules to follow to visit the MIAC in complete safety and tranquility.

1. Social distancing

Inside MIAC 2021 halls – in communal areas and at stands – you must keep a safe distance of 1m from other visitors.

2. Face masks

Inside MIAC 2021 halls – in communal areas and at stands – you are required to wear a face mask which can be removed while eating food.

3. Hand sanitising stations

Hand sanitising stations are available in several points of the pavilion for all participants.

4. Temperature controls

To guarantee all participants, on entering MIAC, temperature checks may be carried out.

5. Control personnel / signage

Inside MIAC pavilions, stewards wearing yellow bibs will be coordinating the movement of visitors and assuring compliance with the preventive measures introduced. Inside the exhibition centre there are signs on prevention measures.

6. Conference Room

Seating arrangements will be put in place in the MIAC Conference Room to assure one metre between one person and the next when seated. We recommend that you register online for conferences through the MIAC website: all MIAC 2021 conference programmes are available there for consultation.

7. Disinfection at the Exhibition

Special products are used to clean and disinfect the pavilions, conference room, communal areas and stands at the end of each day by qualified personnel. All toilet facilities are staffed and will be cleaned and sanitised regularly throughout the day. Clean air is circulated through the halls at regular intervals during opening hours to the public, as required by applicable legislation.