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Entrance Ticket

It is possible to visit MIAC 2020 in total safety, according to the guidelines of the Italian Government and of the Tuscany Region. Everything has been studied to guarantee MIAC participants a safe and peaceful visit in terms of health and hygiene. Click here for more info.

Online pre-registration

Online pre-registration is recommended: in this way you are guaranteed access to the MIAC Exhibition without having to queue at the “pre-registered reception” and you can book the days and times of entry to visit the event and meet the 270 International Exhibitors present at the exhibition. The pre-registration does not imply any obligation for the Visitor and it is the recommended way to access the exhibition. Admission to MIAC is free of charge.

Registration on site

It is always possible to access the MIAC Exhibition by registering directly on site on the day of your visit at the “non-pre-registered reception”. Admission to MIAC is free of charge. Click here to download the Entrance Ticket for registration on site.

Online pre-registration form: indicate your preferred dates and times of visit and fill in the form with your data. You will receive by email your personal and free Entrance Ticket in PDF, to be printed and delivered to the exhibition at the “pre-registered reception” to be validated.

Plan your visit

Select the days when you plan to visit the exhibition. You can later change your preferences and print an updated version of your entrance ticket. PLEASE NOTE: to give everyone the opportunity to participate and visit MIAC 2020, you are asked to choose only the day/s and time slots (morning and/or afternoon) when you are sure to come to the exhibition. The Organization reserves the right to evaluate, and in case limit, the registrations received in which all the days of entry to the exhibition are marked.

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