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The paper industry sector in Italy and the district of Lucca

Lucca is the only officially acknowledged “Paper District” in Europe: over 140 Paper Mills and Converters, 6,500 workers, 2,000,000 tonnes of paper and cardboard produced (tissue paper and corrugated cardboard), with a turnover of 3.5 billion Euros.

Lucca is also home to major companies that supply technologies, machinery and services to the paper industry sector, with a turnover of more than 2,600 million Euros and over 8,000 workers!


In Europe, Lucca is the number one spot for tissue production (24%); Italy is also one of the leader countries in the corrugated cardboard sector

The paper industry in Italy boasts significant numbers…

165 Paper Mills

in the Italian territory

9,000,000 tons

of paper produced every year

20,000 workers

employed in the paper sector

6.8 bilion in turnover

per year in the paper industry in Italy

In Europe, Italy

is in the first 4 positions (tons produced)

Technology & Development

major investments every year