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Many solutions for your business!

Following here you can find same promotional and sponsorship solutions that we offer to MIAC exhibitors. There are many effective ways to promote your company and products during MIAC. For more information you can call +39 02.21711614 or write to miac@miac.info and we will answer you soon.

Visitors Lanyards

Sponsor the Visitor Lanyards of MIAC with your logo, website and/or company slogan! This is definitely the best way to promote your company during the 3 days of the event
(this sponsorship is offered exclusively to one exhibiting company)

MIAC bag

Insert your corporate brochure or promotional gadget inside the MIAC bag to advertise your products. The MIAC bag is distributed at the Reception to all Visitors of the Exhibition and contains a copy of Carta & Cartiere magazine and a copy of the MIAC Official Catalogue.

External Advertising Posters

The external advertising posters are located in strategic positions to be seen by all MIAC Visitors, both during the
entrance and during the exit. One advertising poster (double face) for the best possible visibility.
(this sponsorship is offered exclusively to three exhibiting companies)

Advertising Posters in the Conference Room

Sponsor the MIAC Conference Room with two advertising posters of your brand or product. During the days of MIAC several Conferences are held, each of which is followed by numerous paper technicians.
(this sponsorship is offered exclusively to one exhibiting company)

Internal Advertising Posters

The internal advertising posters are placed in very visible and high traffic points of the pavilion (reception, coffee bar and access to the Conference Room). Three posters to ensure a great promotional method to the exhibitor.
(this sponsorship is offered exclusively to one exhibiting company)

Carta & Cartiere magazine / MIAC Official Catalogue

Advertise your company in Carta & Cartiere magazine and/or in the MIAC Official Catalogue. Various promotional proposals are available. Carta & Cartiere magazine and MIAC Official Catalogue are distributed free of charge to all MIAC Visitors at the entrance of the exhibition.

Papnews website

Publish your company banner on Papnews, the international website of paper industry news; start promoting your presence at MIAC several weeks before the exhibition start. Or post your banner on the PapNewsletter that, every 10 days, we send to thousands of technicians in the paper industry sector worldwide.

MIAC Social Evenings

A personalised cadeau to be offered to the participants of the MIAC Welcome Dinner and/or Gala Dinner? A bottle of wine with your company logo or brand? What better way to be remembered…, a great way to promote your company brand (this sponsorship is offered exclusively to one exhibiting company).

To get more information about our proposals (or if you have other promotional ideas to be done during MIAC) you can contact us at +39 02.21711614 or you can write at miac@miac.info