Pulsar Engineering srl

Pulsar Engineering is based in Castel Maggiore near Bologna and provides systems for the handling, management and inspection of products in packaging, automation and tissue production lines. Over time, it has specialized in the latter.

Pulsar Engineering’s expert staff provide support for clients to define their project. This starts with analysis of the space, the machinery on the line and the products with a view to identifying an optimal factory layout, which can deliver the desired results and is simple to operate.

Innovation in products and procedures is a constant for Pulsar Engineering, allowing it to devise solutions, which enable clients substantially to increase the efficiency of their lines and manage energy use intelligently.

Beside the conveying systems, Pulsar Engineering proposes Supervising Software packages, specifically designed for measuring and increase the efficiency of the tissue converting lines and in line quality monitoring machines, to measure the non compliances of the final products, allow for a relation between non compliances and events on the machines and grant a “defect free” product delivery to the warehouse.