PMP – Paper Machinery Producer

PMP Group (PMP) has been supporting the pulp and paper industry for 160 years. The company has built its identity over the years under the names H.Füllner, Fampa, Beloit Corporation and, since 2000, PMP Group. PMP is a medium size Polish-American Corporation (privately owned) offering high quality products and services. PMP guarantees flexible project execution and constant focus on partnership and win-win solutions. It is a global player, with a yearly turnover of 48 mln EUR (in 2015), employing people in Poland, China, United States and Italy (over 650). Within the last five years PMP reported a year by year sales increase of 28%.

PMP Group is present all over the world, however, most of our references can be found in North America (USA, Canada), Asia (China, Indonesia, Taiwan, India), and Europe (Russia, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, France, UK). Within the last sixteen years, PMP has supplied over 262 projects (new machines and rebuilds) in 33 countries for 113 customers. PMP is a recognized international player in the paper industry providing rebuilds of existing lines (applying core sections like premium Intelli-Jet V® hydraulic headboxes, Intelli-Top® formers, Intelli-Nip® extended nip presses, Intelli-Sizer™ metering size presses, and Intelli-Reel® from our Intelli-Technology® platform) and complete tissue machines (Intelli-Tissue® platform). The list of PMP references around the world covers corporate partners like P&G, Smurfit Kappa, Mondi, APP, YFY, as well as independent players, creating a solid base for organic growth.