Giuliani S.r.l.

Since 1993 to the service of the Italian paper industry as agents of well known and established Italian and foreign companies suppliers of plants, machinery, components, auxiliary products and consumables.

Product list

Absorbency testers, Blade holders, Brightness analyzers, Bursting strenght testers, Chain Conveyors, Chemical fluid pumps, Chest mixers, Cleaners, Cleaning systems, Coating, Coating additives, Coating blades, Coating filters, Coating kitchens, Coating machines and plants, Coating preparation plants, Cogeneration, Cogeneration systems + paper drying applications, Color meters, Control instruments and systems, Controllers, Conveying equipments, Conveying screws, Conveying systems for paper reels, Conveyors, Deflakers, Disc filters, Disintegrator equipments (laboratory), Doctors and doctor blades, Dosing pumps, Drum filters, Dye preparation plants, Fabrics, Fault detectors, Fibre recovery filters, Filler preparation plants, Filters and filtrations systems, Flocculation agents, Foils, Forming board covers, Freeness testers, Headbox sheets, High density cleaners, Hydrocyclones, Hydrofoils, Individual protection, Laboratory for analysis and measures, Measuring and control equipments, Measuring instruments and systems, Online Analyzers, Pulp, Pulpers, Pulpers for paper machines, Raw materials all kinds, Reel Handling, Refiner bars, Refiner controllers, Refiner disks, Refiner tackles, Refiners, Retention agents, Rods and rod beds, Rope guides, Screening machines, Screens, Slat Conveyor Belts, Sludge pumps, Smoothness testers, Spectrophotometers, Starch preparation plants, Steam and condensate systems, Stock preparation systems, Suction box bars, Tail Breaker, Tail Cutters, Testing equipments, Thickeners, Thickening filters, Thickness gauges, Vacuum plants.