Euroincis S.r.l.

Since 1950 Euroincis is leading manufacturer of EMBOSSING ROLLERS for Tissue Industry. Tradition and Successful, artistic and digital reproduction, generated a wide range of engraving patterns. Specialized in Embossing Rollers: ROLLS: Kitchen and Industrial Towel, Toilet FOLDED PRODUCTS: Napkins, Handkerchiefs, Towel, Kitchen Placemats. Technology is our core. Hardened rollers (tip to tip, flat to tip, continuous and traditional sized embossing and new concept sized MICRO for low volume) *Steel/paper (continuous and sized embossing) *Steel/ rubber (decorated and micro embossing). Anilox .*Rolls dimensions: width min.300mm up to 5000mm, diam.min. 70mm. up to 700mm. *A New Technology OUT of BORDER for Napkins is waiting. The Real Compact Pocket*.