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OVERMADE is a global supplier of machinery for the tissue and paper industry known worldwide with the name of OVER Meccanica until 2015. Wishing  to continue an activity that OVER Meccanica mastered since the early 60s  with hundreds of significant  installations implemented around  the world,  OVERMADE  makes the most of the wealth of knowledge and first class expertise that we have inherited and  that is rooted in a past of pioneering technology.

OVERMADE is a specialist in engineering, design and manufacture of complete paper machines, complete tissue machines  and winders. We supply also machine section rebuilds and components, original spare parts and a wide range of services.

We work in partnership with our customers, focused first and foremost on their needs and committed to handle them smartly by offering customized and sustainable solutions alongside constant assistance.

Strongly oriented to process streamlining and problem solving in all paper production related issues, we constantly  look to ECO  and LOGIC solutions  to develop and  implement.


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