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L.B.Z. SRL born in 1995 from the desire of the three founding partners to market the maintenance of mills their experience and expertise, related to the high demands of the market in a really small but big ambitions .
Within a few years the company grows and expands every point of view, both technically and commercially. In addition to servicing the aim is creation of new details as rollers, support structures, idlers, regulators, scrapers that in short order become the main activity of the ‘company.
With 22 employees divided between design and manufacturing LBZ has the ability to use high-tech tools of the first order as: lathes, boring machines, milling machines, dynamic balancing, precision drills and other equipment that allow to work independently, safe and above all professional.


Bobinatrici, ribobinatrici, Castigafeltro, Castigatela, Cilindri, Gestione pali espansibili, Guide di funi, Presse, Raschie e portaraschie, Rulli, Rulli di pressione, Rulli di pressione aspiranti, Rulli tenditori, Taglio Coda, Tendifeltro, Tenditela.

Cylinders, Doctors and doctor blades, Fabric guide, Fabric stretcher, Felt guide, Felt stretcher, Presses, Pressure rolls, Pull rolls, Rolls, Rope guides, Shaft management, Suction press rolls, Tail Cutters, Winders.

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