Gardner Denver

Gardner Denver Industrials Group delivers the broadest range of compressors and vacuum products, in a wide array of technologies, to end-user and OEM customers worldwide in the industries we serve. We provide reliable and energy-efficient equipment that is put to work in a multitude of manufacturing and process applications: products ranging from versatile low- and high-pressure compressors to customized blowers and vacuum pumps in many industries.


Cappe essiccatrici, Flussimetro, Impianti di ventilazione di ogni genere, Impianti per vuoto, Pompe, Progettazioni, Raschie e portaraschie, Risparmio energetico, Servizio di consulenza, Servizio tecnico, Sistemi di raschiatura, Sistemi ed impianti di recupero di calore, Sistemi guidanastro, Strumenti e sistemi di misura, Taglio Coda, Ventilatori.

Consultancy services, Doctor holding devices, Doctors and doctor blades, Drying hoods, Energy Saving, Fans, Flow meter, Heat recovery systems, Measuring instruments and systems, Paper web guiding systems, Project planning, Pumps, Tail Cutters, Technical service, Vacuum plants, Ventilation equipments.

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