Fabio Perini

Fabio Perini S.p.A with the brands Fabio Perini, Casmatic and Concept X, is a leading global provider of converting e packaging machinery and services  for tissue operators and is part of Körber Group’s Business Area Tissue.

Innovation and advanced technology, a high degree of specialisation in designing solutions for the converting and packaging of tissue products, cutting-edge services and assistance as a reference point for a business philosophy that places the customer at the center, a solid and well-established global presence: this is the world of Fabio Perini S.p.A.

Its global presence allows Fabio Perini to be a reference point, acknowledged and appreciated worldwide by all those involved in the field for the high degree of innovation and technology.

Fabio Perini S.p.A. designs and develops lines and integrated systems based on proprietary technologies for the converting and packaging of a wide range of tissue products: toilet rolls, kitchen towels, industrial rolls..


Accumulatori, Cilindri retinati, Corsi di formazione, Film plastici per imballaggio, Incollatori, Macchine avvolgitrici, Macchine e presse per goffrare, Macchine per il confezionamento del tissue, Macchine per la fabbricazione di asciugamani di carta, Macchine per la fabbricazione di carta igienica a rotoli, Macchine per la fabbricazione di rotoli uso cucina, Manutenzione, Montaggio, Progettazioni, Ribobinatrici, Rulli di goffratura, Servizio tecnico, Sistemi e macchine d'imballaggio, Taglierine per carta igienica, Troncatrici.

Accumulators, Anilox rollers, Assembling, Cutters for toilet paper, Embossing machines, Embossing rollers, Kitchen roll machines, Log Saw, Machines for tissue packaging, Maintenance, Packaging systems and machines, Paper towel machines, Project planning, Rewinders, Tail sealer, Technical service, Toilet paper roll machines, Training Courses, Wrapping machines, Wrapping plastic films.

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