Elettromar S.p.a.

Elettromar is a reliable and dynamic engineering and construction Company gifted with a distinctive approach to systems integration. Company growth focuesd on reinforcing existing technical and technological skills. The entry into industrial sectors (steel, railway, marine and paper industries) witness the validity of Company policies, now extending from process automation to product itself. Elettromar expressed its potential in paper industry too. The main projects realized deserve to be cited: the control systems and supervision for patina and pulper recovery plants as well as for rolling and rolling winding plants. As a system integrator, Elettromar has carried out a lot of radio remote control installation for cranes and radio wagons.


Attrezzature elettriche, Comandi di calandra, Comandi di patinatrici, Comandi di sfibratori, Comandi e quadri di distribuzione, Comandi elettrici, Comandi per Bobinatrici, Comandi per macchine continue, Comandi per taglierine, Impianti per pasta, Macchine per carta, Motori elettrici, Patinatrici e impianti di patinature, RFID, Ricostruzione di macchine per la carta, Robots antropomorfi, Servizio tecnico.

Anthropomorphosis robots, Calender drives, Coating machine drives, Coating machines and plants, Control and switch panels, Cutter drives, Electrical drives, Electrical equipments, Electrical motors, Grinder drives, Paper machine drives, Paper machines, Paper machines revamping, Pulp plants, RFID, Technical service, Winder drives.

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