Ecoverde Spa

Ecoverde was founded in 1985 and has grown constantly and consistently, providing customers with services focusing on careful post-sales assistance, monitoring of chemical and chemical-physical parameters and providing customers with the most thorough information possible regarding every aspect of their production cycle. Our laboratory is structured so as to be an applications and analysis laboratory and provide support to the sales network and customers. Thanks to our central location our logistics department can easily meet punctual delivery requirements, reducing storage costs. Our company is constantly updated and focused on storage and transportation safety regulations, and has 1200 covered square meters of warehouse space and 5000 square meters of open storage space.


Addolcitori, Agenti antischiuma, Agenti ausiliari per l'industria della carta, Agenti di condizionamento per tele, Agenti per l'eliminazione delle impurita', Agenti per migliorare la resistenza allo stato secco, Agenti per migliorare la resistenza allo stato umido, Amido di mais, Collanti, Colle per converting, Detergenti, Fissativi, Laboratori di analisi e misure, Ritentivi, Servizio di consulenza, Servizio tecnico, Solfato di alluminio.

Aluminium sulphate, Anti-foaming agents, Auxiliary chemicals for the paper industry, Cleaning agents, Consultancy services, Corn starch, Dry strength improving agents, Fixatives, Glue for converting, Interfering substance control agents, Laboratory for analysis and measures, Retention agents, Sizing agents, Softners, Technical service, Wet strength agents, Wire conditioning agents.

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