Casa del Cuscinetto S.p.A.

Casa del Cuscinetto Spa is specialized for over 50 years in the distribution of industrial products, industrial supplies for maintenance and for original equipment. Our company provides its technical expertise to advise each customer the best and most innovative customized solution. We are in constant cooperation with leading domestic and international manufacturers to offer the highest quality and reliability.


Adesivi, Alberi, Analizzatori in linea, Articoli tecnici industriali, Baderne, Corsi di formazione, Cuscinetti rotativi per macchine continue, Impianti di trasporto, Ingranaggi , Motori elettrici, Parti di ricambio, Risparmio energetico, Servizio tecnico, Sistemi di automazione, Tenute meccaniche, Valvole a farfalla, Valvole a sfera.

Adhesives, Automation systems, Ball valves, Butterfly valves, Electrical motors, Energy Saving, Gears, Handling Systems, Industrial technical items, Mechanical seals, Online Analyzers, Roller bearings for paper machines, Seals, Shafts, Spare parts, Technical service, Training Courses.

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