BTG is a multinational provider of highly specialized process solutions for the global pulp and paper industry. Every day our people help customers achieve sustainable gains in business performance through our application know-how and industry-leading technologies. This includes world-leading rods and beds for film-metering size presses; high-performance ceramic and cermet coating blades; high-performance tissue creping doctors and doctor holders, specialty doctor blades and pulp and paper process control sensors and laboratory instruments. All of these technologies are supported with expert services and application support. Several of our technologies are also widely applied in other industrial applications.


Analisi di laboratorio del processo, Analizzatori del Potenziale Zeta, Analizzatori del contenuto di aria, Analizzatori del grado di bianco, Analizzatori del numero Kappa, Analizzatori della morfologia della fibra, Analizzatori di carica ionica, Analizzatori di laboratorio, Analizzatori di ritenzione, Analizzatori in linea, Barrette e portabarrette, Consistenza misura, Lame crespatrici, Lame per patinatura, Lamelle per cassa di alimentazione, Manutenzione, Portalame, Raffinometri, Raschie e portaraschie, Servizio di consulenza, Servizio tecnico, Sistemi per la raccolta dei dati industriali, Strumenti e sistemi di misura, Trasmettitori di livello per solidi, Valvole a sfera, Valvole di grammatura, Viscosimetri.

Air content analyzers, Ball valves, Basis weight valves, Blade holders, Brightness analyzers, Charge analyzers, Coating blades, Consistency measurement, Consultancy services, Creping blades, Data acquisition systems, Doctors and doctor blades, Fiber morphology analyzers, Freeness testers, Headbox sheets, Kappa number analyzers, Lab Analyzers, Laboratory process analysis, Maintenance, Measuring instruments and systems, Online Analyzers, Retention analyzers, Rods and rod beds, Solid level transmitters, Technical service, Viscosimeters, Zeta Potential analyzers.

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