BIM Kemi

BIM is a family owned specialty chemical company supplying the pulp and paper industry. We focus on creating more value from fewer resources in order to use the world’s limited resources more efficiently.

BIM provide services and concepts all over the world through a global network of experts, production units and R&D facilities. Our headquarter is located in Stenkullen near Gothenburg, Sweden.

BIM in brief
Pulp and paper focus
Founded in 1973
Certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
Member of the UN Global Compact
Gold rated by Ecovadis
Associated with the Responsible Care Program


Additivi per patinare, Addolcitori, Adesivi, Agenti anticorrosivi, Agenti antilimo, Agenti antiresina, Agenti antischiuma, Agenti ausiliari per l'industria della carta, Agenti battericidi, Agenti di condizionamento per tele, Agenti di disidratazione, Agenti di disinchiostrazione, Agenti di flocculazione, Agenti di repulping, Agenti funghicidi, Agenti per migliorare la resistenza allo stato secco, Agenti per nobilitare la carta, Agenti per nobilitare superfici, Biocidi, Collanti, Colle per converting, Detergenti, Fissativi, Incollatori, Laboratori di analisi e misure, Massa collanti sintetici, Servizio di consulenza, Servizio tecnico, Tubiere.

Adhesives, Anti-foaming agents, Anti-slime agents, Auxiliary chemicals for the paper industry, Bactericides, Biocides, Cleaning agents, Coating additives, Consultancy services, Corewinders, Corrosion inhibitors, Deinking agents, Drainage agents, Dry strength improving agents, Fixatives, Flocculation agents, Fungicides, Glue for converting, Laboratory for analysis and measures, Paper finish improvers, Pitch control, Repulping agents, Sizing agents, Softners, Surface finish improvers, Synthetic mass glueing agents, Tail sealer, Technical service, Wire conditioning agents.

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